City of Olive Branch

Mayor 2021 PAC

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about us

We are citizens who recognize a change for the betterment of Olive Branch needs to be made and we see the opportunities and steps needed to get there. To help fund our plan and ensure we get the right people in the right places, we've created this PAC (Political Action Committee). 


We created the City of Olive Branch Mayor 2021 PAC with one main focus in mind: Put a mayor in office to reflect and cultivate the greatness we all know Olive Branch to be.

We have selected

Ken Adams

To unleash the full potential of Olive Branch, we found a candidate who will move OB forward by:

  • Implementing controlled / planned city growth via strategy of fairness to current and future citizens of Olive Branch

  • Better publicizing the agenda and minutes from city board meetings

  • Ending the current norm of only holding one State of the City meeting a year and instead have multiple meetings announced in advance to ensure all citizens' voices are heard

  • Putting community improvement efforts in place to address the conditions and cleanliness of our roads

  • Implementing annual zero based budgeting for city departments to ensure tax dollars are being spent wisely

  • Implementing a method whereby city department leads can better reward employee performance instead of across the board raises where poorer performers are rewarded the same as outstanding performers

  • Implementing an improved method for citizens to provide input to the mayor and aldermen

  • Making OB the most desired and leading city in DeSoto County

  • Innovative Leadership to fully develop Olive Branch for the future

  • Possessing professional leadership experience 

  • Leading from the front and by example

  • Implement a streamlined way for citizens to request help from city departments

The basis of our political system is the right of the people to make and to alter their constitutions of government.

—  George Washington

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