• Fully Support of our Law Enforcement professionals and First Responders to ensure citizens are safe and secure in their homes and around the city.
  • Improve quality and safety of our streets.
  • Clean our streets by enacting litter control programs.
  • Ensure growth takes place in a controlled and future-thinking fashion.
  • Engage citizen participation in city government by initiating a Citizens Advisory Board to help direct the future of the city.
  • Work with the Board of Alderpersons to keep taxes at the same rate or lower.
  • Share city meetings on social media and other platforms to keep citizens better informed.
  • Develop an indoor multipurpose facility so citizens of all ages can enjoy sports, arts, theater, and other events.
  • Attract companies to bring more higher paying, quality jobs.
  • Streamline the process for citizens to request city services by implementing a single contact number and Mayor’s Action Center.
  • Work with MDOT to encourage widening of Highway 305.
  • Collaborate with USPS to add after hours mail services at OB post office like automated shipping after regular business hours.
  • Team with Shelby County government to pursue widening Hacks Cross Road from Stateline Road to Holmes Road.
  • Improve OB Fire rating from level 4 to level 3.
  • Expedite services to citizens in newly annexed area.
  • Market and enhance development of Olive Branch Airport.