• Retired from FedEx in 2018 after 38 years. All 38 years were in Corporate Security and 35 of the 38 were in management positions.

  • At the time of retirement, Ken was the FedEx Corporate Security Managing Director and served with five other directors who were responsible for FedEx’s Western Hemisphere from Canada to the tip of Brazil.

  • Ken collaborated with all levels of the company - from part-time package handlers to Chairman Fred Smith and his executive leadership team.

  • As FedEx Security Director Ken had 11 managers and over 300 employees on his team.

  • The size of his previous team mirrors the size of the City of Olive Branch’s staff.

  • He also oversaw a multi-million dollar budget which is equivalent to, and in some cases higher than, the City of Olive Branch’s budget.

DeSoto County


  • Ken was elected Justice Court Judge by the citizens of Olive Branch seven times totaling over 25 years.

  • His first term was in 1996 and the last was 2020.

  • As a Justice Court Judge Ken assigned judgment over criminal and civil matters.

  • He ruled on criminal misdemeanor cases, conduct initial appearances, and set bonds on felony criminal matters.

resign as judge.jpeg